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North wintertime heating, one which we all know, but truly implemented, but countless problems for Asia’s north towns, the home heating requirements for the “hot” isn’t only a type of energy, and it also both product attributes and the personal benefit properties. Exactly how both of these properties according to industry plus the mix of conditions, the government and businesses was headache.

Recently, Harth newest developed the “air could be wall-hung boilers,” Low Temperature Heat Pump device, new temperature Pump Household-type home heating technology are successfully solved north cold temperatures warming atmosphere supply temperature pump can not utilize an issue. Within paper, warming in north China and other major problems talked about briefly.

Q: Northern District of households, which are the significant heating issues?

Based on statistics, the North District major means of heating practices tend to be primarily concentrated home heating, individual home heating settings. Even though the focus that the most famous heating practices, although long-standing dilemmas are numerous, primarily in the following aspects: 1, initial construction prices are high, governing bodies and developers great financial investment; 2, centralized home heating and maintenance expenses and operating higher administrative costs, resulting in the consumer’s provided use of large cost in addition has increased; 3, the existence of regional home heating central home heating isn’t very easy to warm, there are several users evasion, as a result of technical and administration is difficult to prevent loopholes, making residential property and Users have actually a frustration; 4, target end-user point of water things to a longer pipeline, higher temperature loss in winter months temperature, neither financial nor Energy ; 5, upkeep problems, the primary pipeline system dilemmas may cause the heating zone aren’t properly make use of a significant impact; 6, concentrated mainly inside combustion home heating to a lot of exhaust emissions and waste, air pollution of this residing environment, endanger wellness.

Q: region families with household-type heating Exactly what are the advantages?

As stated, since there is much focus heating issues to be fixed, household home heating practices becomes much more open federal government additionally the commercial real estate issue. Currently some great benefits of household-type heating primarily inside after aspects: 1, developers usually do not build a big central heat, family home heating aided by the versatility to put in and greatly reduce development costs and operational danger money; 2 since the home heating expenses down, making property overall drop in the construction price will fundamentally deliver an individual’s reduced prices; 3, specific home heating cost will not exist tough issues, every family separate home heating, because the repayment regarding the price of self-resolved personal disputes; 4, an individual can adjust heating temperature in accordance with their needs and comfort, convenience and reasonable; 5, short pipe, temperature reduction at zero, the economic energy preservation; 6, easy maintenance, independent upkeep of household, an issue does not impact other warming.

Q: Why Harth sub-Unit “air is wall-hung boilers,” low-temperature temperature pump is one of proper use of the North region heating method?

Harth sub-Unit “air may be wall-hung boilers,” low-temperature temperature pump can not only have a typical method of splitting all advantages of heating, additionally with other family heating practices can not match the power saving benefits: 1, with the most air supply temperature pump technology higher level home heating, get the same calorie price less than many other household heating practices; 2, with flooring home heating radiation air conditioning and home heating convenience is great, the heated water working, efficient plant operation, heating expenses to drop further; 3, energy-saving home heating heat pump technology can enjoy their state preferential policies for low-power, power storage space design, night-work, time usage, can be defined as “Festival do everything”; 4, mature sound design, utilization of secure, there is no risk of security; 4, entirely “energy saving” green items, is required for several ordinary thermal power conversion energy, zero burning, zero emissions, protecting the environment and our households.

Q: The air-source heat pump technology are regular within the north winter season home heating it? Harth, “air to wall-hung boilers,” low-temperature temperature pump is tips attain large efficiency under reasonable background heat heating of?

Everyone knows that whenever ordinary atmosphere supply heat pump for usage in cold winter months places, the heating ability of this inevitable decay problems will occur. One reason may be the low temperature in cold weather outdoor heat exchanger device area outside ointment frosting as well as the various other on heating capability for the attenuation. Another major reason is because of home heating inside winter season in north Asia when the ambient temperature is low, will trigger common atmosphere source temperature pump evaporation heat is low, the proportion of small suction, system ability is small, superheat can not guarantee that various other, helps make the system home heating capacity is reasonable, the system procedure is certainly not reliable, or even result in compressor failure fluid hammering, making ordinary cold atmosphere origin temperature pump cannot meet up with the demand for wintertime home heating.

For this scenario, Harth developed a brand new generation of low-temperature air-source temperature pump devices, has been in a position to successfully achieve the outdoor temperature is -15 and above, the rated attenuation than normal temperature pump home heating capability is reduced by 25% or maybe more. Furthermore, the minimal working heat only -20 . Unit inside outside heat 0 to perform the home heating coefficient of 2.8. Harth ended up being done through enhancing the refrigeration pattern, the initial high-pressure squirt fluid air conditioning to your gas-liquid combined circulation pressure injection. Helps make the condenser refrigerant flow increases, the enthalpy difference between the primary blood flow cycle to boost, hence significantly improving the performance of this compressor. This will fix others huge compression proportion of compressor release temperature is simply too high automatic defense, but additionally considerably enhanced refrigeration pattern, and to make sure that the lower quality they clock cycle, thereby mainly lower the heating capacity associated with the attenuation to expand the machine into the low-temperature range of applications, making sure Harth “air to wall-hung boilers,” Low Temperature Heat Pump in low ambient heat can still excellent warming. Additionally, the unit makes use of another indoor and outdoor design, crucial components within the inside, there isn’t any temperature reduction, much like traditional wall-hung boilers indoor form, compact, space, advanced Liquid Crystal Display user interface, simple operation, ie without going can be simply controlled. By optimizing the style of circulating water pump is combined inside the host, as far as possible in decreasing the sound decrease system to cut back operating prices drag and additional enhance general system energy savings and energy savings. Sophisticated system design and reasonable extension of unit set much of the apparatus life, improve business value, permitting people to utilize more self-confidence.

Harth “air can be wall-hung boilers,” low-temperature temperature pump heating expenses contrasted Economy:

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